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How to Stage an Intervention for Your Child

how to stage an intervention

Raising teenagers in the age of social media, increased school violence, and during a pandemic is a challenge. Being a teen has also never been more complicated. It’s possible that your teen is struggling today with their mental health or dangerous behavior. It’s also likely that they do not want to discuss their problems because they are embarrassed, scared, or confused. If things are bad, you may be wondering how to stage an intervention. Our medical professionals are experienced with teen intervention and are here to help you, your teenager, and your family. Reach out to Imagine Fort Collins online today or call us confidently at 888.291.2309 to learn how our crisis intervention services can help.

What Is A Teen Intervention?

No parent ever imagines needing crisis intervention services for their kids, but the reality is that up to 75% of mental health challenges emerge during the teen years. Whether you have been aware of it or not, one out of every five teens has suffered through a serious mental health disorder at some point in their life. This can often lead to self-medicating through substances, which poses additional problems and risks as one-quarter of all American teens who begin to use drugs and alcohol will develop an addiction later in life. If you believe your teen is struggling with a mental health disorder or behavior issue, or if you’re worried they are turning to drugs as a way of self-medicating, you are not alone. Learning how to stage an intervention might save your child’s life. A teen intervention with the help of compassionate professionals can help your teenager.

A teen intervention is not a confrontation for your child. It is an important conversation or the first of several that could save their life. You may reach out to us for help from our crisis intervention services, but this delicate, critical process is not a punishment for what your teen has done or is currently doing. A teen intervention also does not mean they need psychotherapy, rehab, or enrolled in a partial hospitalization program. A teen intervention should be, first and foremost, approached as a calm, supportive conversation where you openly express your concerns to your teen about their struggles.

How to Stage an Intervention for Your Child

If you have observed behavioral problems or worry that a mental health condition like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder is causing your teen to suffer at home, school, work, or in their most important relationships, our crisis intervention services can be of assistance as you plan on how to stage an intervention. Here are tips for preparing to stage a teen intervention:

Build Your Case For The Teen Intervention

Long before you start this vital conversation with your teen, you must mentally build your case for why a teen intervention is needed. By preparing yourself and your family, preparing the evidence of the harmful words, actions, and behaviors you have observed, and establishing the point(s) you hope to make with the ultimate goal of helping your teenager get better and receive the help they need (if necessary), your teen intervention will have a better chance of success. Some questions to ask yourself as you build your case for staging a teen intervention:

  • What are the reasons for the teen intervention right now?
  • What are the specific actions or behaviors that have you concerned?
  • How are your teen’s issues negatively impacting them at home, school, work, or within their relationships?
  • How will you react if your teen gets defensive?
  • What will you say if they attempt to talk their way out of telling the truth?

If you need help in learning how to stage an intervention, our crisis intervention services may assist.

Prepare How You Will React

We know how hard it is to see your child struggle, retreat into a shell or lash out at you, family members, and friends. Your natural gut reaction may be anger, but a heightened emotional response will not help achieve the positive outcome you want for your child. Adolescents, especially those who have a mental illness or a substance use disorder, are at a delicate moment in their life. A teen intervention must be approached equally as delicately to get a helpful point across. Our compassion crisis intervention services team has years of experience and can help you find a successful way to stage an intervention. You want this important conversation to flow with no cause or reason for your teen to shut down, lie, or avoid the reality of their situation.

Learn How To Steer The Conversation

With the help of our crisis intervention services, you will learn how to steer the conversation in a positive, productive, and healthy direction. This is critical because we share your desire to get your teen into a better physical, mental and emotional place. Listening openly and without an immediate reaction is key because a teen intervention is not a lecture.

Know The Outcome You Want To Reach

What do you hope to accomplish with a teen intervention? Before you start this process, it is crucial to establish what a successful teen intervention looks like for you, your teen, and within your family. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want to achieve from the conversation(s)?
  • What happens next if your goal is not achieved?
  • Do I need professional crisis intervention services to manage this conversation safely?

Get Professional Help From a Crisis Intervention Program

We are experts with teen intervention and help parents like you every day. Our Imagine Fort Collins team knows that early intervention is key for teenagers. They will help guide you and your child in the right direction toward getting the care and treatment they need and deserve. The sooner you intervene, the more pain and danger you will save your teen and your family. Don’t hesitate to seek out our crisis intervention services to get your teen the help and treatment to help them get through this challenging time.

Learn More at Imagine Fort Collins

Now that you know how to stage an intervention and who you can rely on for help, your family can begin the journey towards a happier, healthier life. Contact us today online or call us at 888.291.2309 to learn more about teen intervention.