Crisis Intervention

two people discuss issues in a crisis intervention programTeenagers may struggle with a mental health disorder or have a behavior issue that’s become dangerous to themselves as well as those around them. In these precarious moments, a crisis intervention program may be needed to safely address the issues and point the way toward getting them professional care in teen mental health treatment programs. With the help of our teen intervention services, Colorado families can safely and effectively begin this conversation and take the first steps in a recovery journey together. 

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What Is a Crisis Intervention Program?

No parent imagines needing to have a teen intervention, but many teens will struggle with their mental health or substance abuse during these challenging years. Sadly, teenagers may turn to substances to self-medicate as a way of masking their mental health issues, and some of the teens who begin using drugs and alcohol will develop an addiction later in life. If you believe your teen is struggling with a mental health disorder or severe behavioral issue, or if you’re worried they are turning to drugs, you are not alone. Taking action today to intervene and help your teenager is the best thing you can do for them, their future, and your family.

An intervention is a conversation, not a confrontation or a punishment. A crisis intervention program doesn’t necessarily mean your teen will need therapy, PHP or rehab but it might save their life. A teen intervention at Imagine Fort Collins will be approached as a level-headed discussion where you are able to express your concerns about your teen’s struggles.  

Teen Intervention for a Mental Health Crisis

After you have exhausted the resources available at home to help your teen address and overcome their mental health issues, a crisis Intervention program can help you take the next step. Our intervention services in Colorado intervene on behalf of parents while keeping you actively involved in your teen’s treatmente. Our crisis intervention program can be helpful should you witness your teen feeling:

  • Sad
  • Hopeless
  • Suicidal

Additionally, if your teen is self-harming, obsessing about death or experimenting with drugs and alcohol, a teen intervention may be how you begin to get them back.  

First, Build Your Case

Before starting a teen intervention, it is important to work on building your case for why you want to have this conversation with your child. Collect the evidence of the dangerous behaviors or harmful action you have observed and establish the point(s) you will make. This prep work will increase the likelihood that your teen intervention will have a successful outcome. Some questions to ask yourself before a teen intervention include:

  • What is the reason for your teen intervention?
  • Why are you addressing these concerns right now?
  • What are your teen’s actions or behaviors that have you concerned?
  • How are the issues negatively impacting your teen?

If you feel that your teen is in dire need of help, a crisis intervention program at Imagine Fort Collins can help you start to help your teen.

Manage Your Emotions

When a parent observes their teenager struggling with destructive behavior issues, a mental health disorder, or substance use, anger may be the default emotion that they want to express. Because adolescence is a delicate age, a teen intervention must be approached equally as delicately, with emotions tempered to allow the conversation to flow freely, without cause for a teen to shut down. With our intervention services, Colorado parents concerned about their teen children will learn to develop a strategy for having healthy reactions as you listen to the harsh truths you want to hear from your teenager. Your ultimate goal is to help them get better, and the goal of our crisis intervention program is to help you accomplish this.

Get Professional Help from a Crisis Intervention Program

Our crisis intervention program exists to help parents who need professional support to step in and help their teens. Our Imagine Fort Collins team knows that early intervention is essential. They will help guide you and your teen in the right direction toward getting the care and treatment needed to understand and overcome their mental health disorders. The sooner you intervene, the more pain and danger you will save your teen and your family. Don’t hesitate to seek out a crisis intervention program to get your teen the treatment they need.

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When you see mental health struggles and behavioral issues in your teens, don’t wait to seek help. To learn more about our intervention services in Colorado, contact us today online or call us at 888.291.2309.