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Teen Relationship Counseling

a girl gets help in a teen relationship therapy programThe teenage years are rife with landmines and pitfalls. These might involve mental health struggles, self-confidence peaks and valleys, drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, and navigating the dating scene. Having a steady ear to listen and offer advice can be the difference between safely negotiating the trials and tribulations of this time period and forming unhealthy habits. Our teen relationship therapy program can help teens understand how to approach dating, sex, and meaningful romantic relationships with a healthy mindset. 

Through our teen relationship counseling program, Colorado teenagers can learn techniques for relationship success, develop the tools needed for a future of healthy romantic and platonic relationships, and manage their mental and emotional states throughout it all. Reach out to us online or call us at 888.291.2309 to learn more.

The Benefits of a Teen Relationship Therapy Program 

Our teen relationship therapy program in Colorado can set teens up for healthy dating today and going forward for a lifetime of happiness in their relationships. 

Our skilled counselors work directly with kids ages 13-17 every day and it comes as no surprise that dating, sex, and romantic partnerships are topics that come up often. A teen relationship therapy program is one way we are able to help young people express themselves when it comes to the joy and/or pain they are experiencing in their relationships with others, especially intimate ones. Of course, meaningful connections with friends begin at a younger age, but it is in adolescence when romantic and sexual relationships become a topic that dominates the thoughts of kids.

This time can be thrilling for teens and a challenge for adults. Watching your teenagers start to date and become sexually active, have their heart broken, and begin to navigate more adult scenarios can be scary. Having trusted, experienced professionals in your family’s corner to offer guidance and teach teens foundational lessons for the future can make all the difference when it comes to them setting boundaries, respecting themselves and their bodies, and forming healthy dating habits. Some of what our adolescent patients learn in a teen relationship therapy program include:

  • Having meaningful relationships
  • Staying safe
  • Recognizing their vulnerabilities
  • Seeing abusive tendencies in partners
  • How to have fun in a healthy way
  • Understanding the dangers of social media
  • Focusing on their mental health
  • Techniques for safely ending relationships

We want teenagers to have fun, meaningful relationships while staying safe. Teens are particularly vulnerable during their first foray into romance and it’s important to help them learn how to see danger signs to not get hurt, used, or abused in their relationships both in the present day and in the future. Our teen relationship counseling program in Colorado helps teach teen patients how to be safe and assists parents like you in providing kids with a secure, private space in which to have these delicate conversations. We provide a supportive atmosphere for even the most reluctant teenager to open up, share, be vulnerable and grow. 

What Is Discussed During Teen Relationship Counseling?

Every teenager’s path is unique but there are common themes and concerns needing to be addressed in a teen relationship therapy program. Some of what we discuss with our teen patients include:

Dating Safely

Dating safely does not just refer to safe sexual practices. It also means taking care of your emotional state and mental health while dating. A teen relationship therapy program can be the place where a teen is set up for success in their romantic relationships. 

Social Media

Social media is where relationship gossip, bullying, and peer pressure can flourish. It’s also a prominent channel for inappropriate content to be shared. Your teen might be exposed to images and videos that can often distort the reality of body image, sex, and relationships. It is important for teenagers to know how to use social media safely and to decode some of what they see flashing across their screens.  

Taking Risks

Dating involves taking risks, some small, some large. From showing interest in another person to asking them out for a date, making the first move, and asking for consent, teens will be new to all of this, and having an expert therapist can help them do so safely. The lessons learned in therapy can teach non-verbal cues and how to take these relationship risks. 

Processing Rejection

Whether it is a crush who is not interested in them or experiencing a relationship end, heartbreak is always just around the corner for teens learning how to date. During this tricky time, it’s important to support teenagers and allow them the space to be upset. Allowing teens to feel their hurt and validating their feelings will help them recover.

Learn More About Teen Relationship Counseling from Imagine Fort Collins

A teen relationship therapy program can be an excellent place to learn, grow and find proper footing for establishing healthy dating habits, managing mental health, and feeling the joys of young love. Additionally, teen relationship counseling can help teens articulate what they need during this precarious time so that they get the help and support they need. Don’t hesitate to call us at 888.291.2309 or contact our team online. With vast experience in counseling teens and treating mental health issues in adolescents, Imagine Fort Collins is here for you and your family.