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Interpersonal Therapy

interpersonal therapy programAn interpersonal therapy program is capable of helping teenagers identify their symptoms and understand how various relationships in their life affect their mental health. It also helps them see how depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders can diminish their ability to function normally. If your teen is struggling, adolescent treatment programs may be one way to get them the help they need and deserve. Call today to discover the many benefits of a teen interpersonal therapy program. 

What is an Interpersonal Therapy Program?

Patients can learn to address their personal problems. Furthermore, they’ll learn to understand the relationship these issues have to a variety of mental health struggles. In addition, patients will develop better relationships with family and friends. Finally, they’ll learn life skills and healthy ways to avoid depressive episodes in the future.

A teen interpersonal therapy program is a short-term treatment that can be effective in treating depression in teenagers. Interpersonal therapy program Colorado is built upon a foundation that asserts that depression occurs in the context of a teen’s relationships, regardless of their origins in biology or genetics, and that depression affects a teen’s relationships, and then these relationships further affect mood. This cycle can be difficult for anyone, let alone a teenager. After all, it isn’t always easy to handle, address, and move forward in a healthy and happy way. 

A teen interpersonal therapy program will look to identify these four areas in which a teenager may be having relationship difficulties:

  • Grief after the loss of a loved one
  • Conflict in important relationships
  • Difficulty adapting to recent changes in relationships 
  • Difficulties stemming from social isolation

The skilled, compassionate therapists who will work with your teens throughout the interpersonal therapy program. During this time, teens learn to identify areas in need of skill-building to improve their relationships and decrease depressive symptoms. Over time, teens will discover the link between their moods and these relationships. Furthermore, they’ll learn how changes in mood can improve relationships and provide better ways to communicate feelings and expectations. Finally, they’ll find solutions to the problems they have been experiencing in these relationships.

The Importance of a Teen Interpersonal Therapy Program

People of almost any age can benefit from an interpersonal therapy program, but teens have a unique set of developmental issues, such as:

  • Separation from parents
  • Navigating early romantic relationships
  • Initial experiences with death

Teen interpersonal therapy has been proven to work in large part because it helps young people identify and develop healthier and more adaptive ways of dealing with the many issues associated with the onset of or ongoing maintenance of their depression. Typically lasting 3–4 months, the therapy your teen will experience may involve individual, one-on-one therapy sessions. Additionally, family members, guardians, and parents may be asked to participate in order to:

  • Receive education about depression
  • Address relationship difficulties they may be having with their teen
  • Help support the adolescent’s treatment

The Goals of an Interpersonal Therapy Program

The immediate goals of treatment in an interpersonal therapy program in Colorado are to quickly reduce symptoms and improve social interactions and relationships with friends and family. A teen interpersonal therapy program will aim to enable teenagers with depression to make their own adjustments, as they are needed, and as their relationships change, evolve, and when they eventually will look to introduce new people into their life over time. Sometimes, such healthy adjustments can only happen with professional help. Fortunately, the interpersonal therapy program equips teens with the tools to cope and naturally reduce the symptoms of their depression. 

Learn More Today

Your teen may be suffering depression over changing relationships, lost love, or the death of a friend. Don’t hesitate to reach out to medical professionals to ask about how a teen interpersonal therapy program can help them cope and get through this complicated period of their life.