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Passionate About Our People

We’re hardworking, genuine, passionate, and fun! At Imagine, we value and celebrate the diversity of our people – those we help and those they work with us. It’s our different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas that enable us to help so many patients to transform their lives and restore their relationships. Not to mention that many of us have similar experiences, so we genuinely understand and empathize with our patients and what they’re going through.

Our Staff

Northpoint’s Executive
Leadership Team

John F
John Flanagan
President and CEO
Erica L
Erica Lopez, LCSW
Vice President, Idaho Market
Teresa M
Teresa McClure, LPC, ACADC
Vice President of Start Up Operations
Nycole T
Nycole Thomas, BSN, RN
Vice President of Patient Services
Autumn H
Autumn Hornsby
Vice President of Human Resources
Stacey S
Stacey Shaw, DSW, LICSW, SUDP
Vice President, Washington Market
Mark J
Mark Jones, LMHP, PHD
Vice President, Nebraska Market
Dawn Williams, MA, LPC, CADC
Vice President, Colorado Market
Keving 1
Kevin Gorman, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Kathryn 2320 Scaled
Kathrynne Johns
Vice President of Finance
Daniel G
The staff here do everything that they can to provide a safe and welcoming environment for young people to heal.

Daniel Griffin, Corporate Director of Imagine

Imagine Fort Collins'
Management Team

Amy H
Corporate Director of Utilization Review
Danielle F
Danielle F
Corporate Director of Outreach – Imagine
Cooper L
Cooper L
Corporate Director of Alumni Services
Haley R
Haley R
Corporate Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy
Lauren H
Lauren H
Corporate Director of Talent Acquisition
Daniel G
Daniel G, LMSW
Corporate Director of Imagine
Sean Mills
Sean M
Corporate Director of Admissions
Tiffany D
Tiffany D
Outreach Specialist
Shayla E
Shayla E
Outreach Specialist
Usha Udupa. Headshot 1
Dr. Usha U., MD
Medical Director
Suzanne Headshot
Suzanne M
Director of Human Resources
Mandi R
Mandi R, MS
Manager of Outreach and Marketing
Meredith V. , LPC, CAS
Lead Counselor