Family Therapy

a teen works on her issues after participating in a family therapy program

Our family therapy program is a psychological counseling approach that can assist with improving communication between family members both young and old. Additionally, through our family counseling sessions, Fort Collins families can learn to resolve conflicts that exist today and develop the tools needed to stave off disputes in the future. 

Family therapy at Imagine Fort Collins is offered as part of our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs.

If you and your teens are struggling to see eye to eye and are failing to communicate your feelings, concerns, hopes, and fears, reach out to us online or call us 888.291.2309 to discuss why our family therapy program might be part of the solution.

What Is Family Therapy?

Facilitated by a psychologist or licensed therapist, family therapy is often a short-term approach to healing and repairing the lines of communication within the family dynamic. It may include all of the members of your family or only those willing and able to participate in family counseling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Your family’s treatment plan will start with a comprehensive assessment to design a program that will be personalized based on the exact issues you and your teen are facing. If there are any mental health or co-occurring substance use issues playing a role in the conflicts being experienced between family members, our experienced team can help you navigate the recovery process.

What Can Family Therapy Do for You?

Many of the issues experienced within your family could be as a result of mental health struggles or co- occurring substance use disorders. This means your teen or another member of your family could be struggling with multiple disorders simultaneously, causing hurtful communication and concerning behavior issues that disrupt family life. If your teen is struggling and your daily family life is being frayed, our family therapy program can help.

Attending therapy sessions together has the potential to teach a number of skills and help to improve a variety of issues your family is experiencing. Ten things our family therapy program can do:

  • Teach healthy ways of communicating
  • Strengthen connections
  • Help you get through stressful events
  • Improve relationships
  • Help manage mental health issues
  • Encourage understanding
  • Reduce stress, grief, and anger
  • Teach empathy
  • Manage and resolve conflicts between parents and children
  • Address the impact of any substance abuse issues
  • Instill valuable lessons for the future

What to Expect During Family Counseling

Typically, family therapy involves parents or guardians as well as an experienced therapist. Teen clients may be involved in sessions as clinically indicated.

During a family therapy program, you can expect to:

  • Examine your ability to solve problems
  • Discuss how you and your teen can better express emotions, ideas, and thoughts in a healthy and productive manner
  • Explore the roles, rules, and behavior patterns that exist within your family dynamic
  • Identify the strengths of each member of your family, and hone in on the ways to effectively utilize those strengths to improve family life
  • Understand the struggles of your family member(s) as they go work through matters of mental health and substance abuse
  • Develop empathy
  • Find common ground allowing you to relate to each other
  • Set goals and work to achieve them

Reach Out to Imagine Fort Collins Today

The therapists at Imagine Fort Collins are compassionate and skilled in addressing adolescent concerns as it relates to the bigger family picture. We are standing by, waiting to work through options with you to get your family the help it needs and deserves. Reach out to us online or call us 888.291.2309 to learn more about how our family therapy program can help you achieve your goals.