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Music Therapy

music therapy programA music therapy program is an artistic way that compassionate care professionals are able to reach out to and connect with teens in adolescent treatment programs. A teen music therapy program can be helpful for teens who:

  • Have experienced trauma
  • Are struggling with stress
  • Need help balancing their emotions
  • Haven’t been having success with traditional talk therapy

Music offers teens an alternative way to express themselves. It enables them to talk about the difficult experiences they have had in their young lives. In addition, they can work through a series of intense emotions in a healthy manner. If your teen is suffering and other therapy methods have failed to deliver adequate results, don’t hesitate to make a call and learn more about a music therapy program in Colorado. 

Teens and Music

The teenage years are a time of explosive growth and significant change. While exciting, this period can be challenging too. And yet, the teen years offer opportunities for critical personal development and learning life lessons that may be carried forward for decades to come. Sadly, teens also face a myriad of difficulties, including bullying, peer pressure, as well as grieving and loss issues.

Through a teen music therapy program, adolescents may find new, original, and thoroughly effective ways to heal, cope, recover, and move forward. Music therapy provides a unique way to work with teens that draws on the many healing aspects of music. After all, it’s a medium they may likely gravitate to naturally.

The Value of a Music Therapy Program

There are many ways in which a music therapy program can be beneficial to teens. Music is a form of self-expression to let out angst. It’s also a way to feel a sense of joy. Therefore, music has a huge power for all people. However, it’s especially powerful for teenagers who see music as an extension of themselves, their personality, and beliefs.

Additionally, listening to and playing music can also provide soothing sounds or intense beats. This may help regulate the emotions of teenagers, and assist them in learning more about the people, places, and things that trigger negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

In a teen music therapy program, teens may use any number of instruments, including:

  • Pianos
  • Guitars
  • Synthesizers
  • Percussion instruments like:
    • Maracas
    • Tambourines
    • Rain sticks
    • Drums

For a music therapy program to be impactful, it matters not whether a teen has the talent or aptitude to play music. What makes a difference is the platform to express themselves and work with the music therapist to process through difficult emotions.

Physically creating sound with different musical instruments isn’t the only option. In addition, teens may be able to utilize software to record the music they create with our music therapists. This can be helpful to have as a reminder of that peaceful, constructive place they were in in the music therapy program. Essentially, this recorded music reflects the time they were expressing their emotions and feeling joy.

Long-lasting resources like this can be relied upon again and again for continued healing. Moreover, it can help them with emotion regulation in their daily lives after they leave the music therapy program in Colorado. 

Learn More About Music Therapy Programs

There are a variety of adolescent treatment programs available to you and your family today. No matter what your teen has gone through in the past, is struggling with today, or needs help with in the future, a music therapy program could be the answer. It’s just one of many innovative, effective, and healthy approaches to reaching them where they are and ensuring that they are seen, heard, and helped.

Don’t hesitate to reach out at 888.291.2309 to learn even more about what a teen music therapy program can do for you and your child.