How Interpersonal Therapy Can Help with Depression

Teen talking to their therapist about how interpersonal therapy can help with depression

Interpersonal problems are not uncommon for the average teenager. Such issues may have no notable effect on your child’s well-being. However, in some cases, they can have serious consequences. That includes increasing your teen’s chances of developing clinical depression. Fortunately, there’s a form of therapy specifically designed to address relationship and communication issues. With help from the benefits of interpersonal therapy (IPT) for depression, your child may find it easier to manage specific mental health issues. Contact Imagine Fort Collins online or call 888.291.2309 today to learn more about how interpersonal therapy for mental health can help with depression.

What Is Interpersonal Therapy for Mental Health?

What is interpersonal therapy? It’s a form of treatment that focuses on mental health issues caused by problems communicating with others. These problems can center on such things as:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Difficulty establishing or maintaining bonds with others
  • The interpersonal impact of loss and grief
  • Difficulties in everyday social interactions

IPT was initially designed to help adults. However, with certain modifications, it can also help teenagers. Some people receive the therapy in group sessions. Others participate in one-on-one IPT programs.

In IPT, your teen gets help addressing interpersonal issues. The therapy focuses specifically on current problems rather than issues from the past. IPT has a couple of important goals. First, it aims to improve your child’s ability to function interpersonally. It also seeks to increase the social support available to your child.

How Interpersonal Therapy Can Help with Depression

Studies show that relationship conflicts can contribute to the onset of depression. And once it develops, depression is well-known for its ability to damage relationships. That’s true, in part, because people who are depressed tend to withdraw from social contact. Moreover, when they communicate, they often lash out at others.

IPT is commonly used to treat depression. It was specifically designed for this purpose. How does interpersonal therapy for depression work? Your teen’s therapist starts by taking what’s known as an interpersonal inventory. This inventory focuses on things such as:

  • Your child’s established relationship patterns
  • The state of their current interactions with others
  • Their ability to communicate in emotionally intimate ways

Information in these areas helps establish a starting point for the following work. This work focuses on tackling issues that may be contributing to your teen’s depression symptoms.

The question of how interpersonal therapy can help with depression isn’t all that matters. It’s also important to know when IPT can help. Mainly, it’s used to address active depression symptoms. However, interpersonal therapy for depression can also help your teen avoid future bouts of symptoms.

The Benefits of Interpersonal Therapy for Depression and Other Conditions

The most significant benefit of interpersonal therapy for depression is symptom reduction. Not all people benefit equally. However, research shows that IPT can potentially provide as much relief as depression medication. Still, your child may need medication in addition to IPT.

The benefits of interpersonal therapy also extend to other mental health conditions. For example, it can play a role in the treatment of bipolar disorders. It can also play a role in the treatment of anxiety disorders. In addition, interpersonal therapy for mental health can have a significant impact on eating disorder treatment.

Experience Interpersonal Therapy for Mental Health at Imagine Fort Collins in Colorado

IPT is a valuable tool for effective depression treatment. With the support it provides, your child may be able to make significant strides toward recovery. Want to know more about how interpersonal therapy can help with depression? The team at Imagine Fort Collins is standing by to assist you.

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