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Why Family Therapy Is Beneficial for Teens with Anxiety

People in a session of family therapy for anxiety

Many different kinds of psychotherapy can help a teen struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues. Some kinds of therapy act as a primary or frontline treatment. This means that they form the core of effective care for most teenagers. There are also supportive or secondary therapies. These treatments aren’t as widely used. However, in some cases, they provide significant recovery benefits. One standard secondary treatment option is family therapy for teens. This therapy is beneficial to teenagers for several important reasons.

The Basics of Family Therapy for Teens

Family therapy gets its name because it focuses on the family unit. This unit may include you, your teenager, your spouse, and any other children. It may also have anyone you consider close enough to qualify as a family member.

An experienced family therapist conducts all therapy. This therapist helps each member of your family unit do such things as:

  • Talk about problems within the family from their perspective
  • Actively listen to the points of view of other family members
  • Get a better understanding of what everyone is saying to and about each other
  • Move past blame and different attitudes that block communication
  • Recognize how their words and actions affect other family members

Your family therapist also helps you set specific areas and goals for improvement. Some of this work occurs when you’re all together in a therapy session. Therapists also typically ask you to work independently and together between sessions.

How Can Teens Benefit from Family Therapy for Anxiety and Other Issues?

Family dysfunction can significantly impact the development and continuation of specific teen mental health issues. In addition to anxiety disorders, these issues include:

  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Conduct disorders
  • Drug and alcohol addiction

Understanding this impact is crucial. It’s also critical to address it in practical terms. Research shows that family therapy can help your child recover their mental health. Why? Family therapy for anxiety and other issues provides the opportunity to explore and address any concern affecting your family. In turn, it can help eliminate one of the common underlying causes of your child’s condition.

Other Benefits of Treating Teen Anxiety with Family Therapy

You and your child can also benefit from treating teen anxiety with family therapy in other ways. For example, therapy is a safe space for in-depth family discussions. Everyone gets a chance to contribute to the process. The result is often a significant improvement in family communication. This improvement will not only benefit your teen. It will also help you and other family members.

Family therapy can also help improve your relationship with your child. That’s important because teens with mental health issues need to know that their family supports them. When they enjoy this advantage, it can be much easier for them to reach their treatment goals. In addition, therapy can help your family provide practical support when your teen’s treatment ends. A welcoming, stable home environment is significant in furthering your child’s long-term recovery.

Find Family Therapy for Anxiety in Colorado at Imagine Fort Collins

Want to know more about the many upsides to family therapy? Talk to the teen mental health professionals at Imagine Fort Collins. We’re happy to detail exactly how therapy can help your teen and your family as a whole.

Family therapy is standard in customized recovery plans at Imagine Fort Collins. With our support, you and your child can address the crucial issues affecting your family unit. We also feature a full slate of primary mental health treatments for teens. Contact Imagine Fort Collins today at 888.291.2309 or complete our online form to learn more.