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Mental Health Resources for Teens

woman and teen on couch with laptop discussing mental health resources for teens

While the online world, texting, and social media can create or amplify mental health struggles in teens, there are also a wealth of mental health resources for teens found online and in helpful apps. If you are worried that your teen is struggling with their mental health, contact us online or call 888.291.2309 today to learn how one of our highly customized treatment programs could help your teen heal, cope, and recover.

The Importance of Mental Health Resources for Teens

There are many online resources for mental health that are designed specifically for and aimed directly at adolescents, teens, and other young adults. These teen mental health resources also include physical and PDF reference sheets with additional information that could be crucial to those working to overcome mental health issues. Some of the information made available includes:

  • Online resources
  • Support groups
  • Peer networks
  • Free helplines
  • Treatment locators
  • Advocacy opportunities

Online Resources for Teen Mental Health

The web can be a treacherous place for teens, especially those struggling with low self-esteem or mental health concerns. At the same time, the internet is filled with allies, advocates, and online mental health resources for teens that could ultimately save lives. Here are some vital online teen mental health resources:

Center for Young Women’s Health and Young Men’s Health

Providing a series of guides on emotional health, including resources on test anxiety, depression, bullying, and eating disorders, these two websites, and, can be helpful for almost any teenager currently struggling at school, work, or home.

Go Ask Alice!

A question and answer website from Columbia University that addresses a wide variety of concerns surrounding teen emotional health:

Jed Foundation

Promoting emotional health and prevent suicide among college students, this website provides an online resource center, a public dialogue forum, and offers teens essential resources and tools to help them make the often difficult transition to college:

Mental Health Literacy

Geared towards teenagers, this mental health literacy site is dedicated to providing teens in need with the language and tools required to live healthy, happy lives:

Teen Mental Health Resources and Apps

Almost 100% of teens will have a smartphone in their hand, pocket, or backpack at all times. Thankfully, there are teen mental health resources found on a number of apps that they can download today. Here are some of the best for teen struggling with their mental health.


This popular app is focused on mindfulness and meditation for teens. Through guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music, your teen can learn techniques to focus, reduce stress, and find the calm they need throughout the day and night.

Calm Harm

When teens have the urge to self-harm, this app can help them fight it. Through activities, teens will refocus their negative energy toward better ways to handle their emotions and harmful impulses.

Strength of Us

An online community from NAMI that is designed to inspire teens impacted by mental health issues to think positive, stay strong, share their stories, and achieve their goals.

Professional Mental Health Resources for Teens

At Imagine Fort Collins, our trained medical staff and customized treatment programs exist to help you and your teens get through the mental health struggles, substance abuse battles, stress, anxiety, and fear of suicidal ideation. In addition to the online resources, apps, and PDFs filled with helpful information for teens, we can work with your child to help them heal, cope, learn, and recover to live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Find Help for Your Teen’s Mental Health at Imagine Fort Collins

If your teen is battling a mental health disorder, contact Imagine Fort Collins today using our secure online form or call us at 888.291.2309 to learn more about how teen treatment programs and therapy may be able to help.