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6 Music Therapy Benefits for Teens

A person experiencing music therapy benefits

As teens or younger children, many people develop a keen interest in music. Music often forms a significant part of the background environment, even for those without such a focus. For teens needing mental health care, casual and focused music exposure may have an unexpected payoff. Namely, they form the basis for a well-researched form of treatment called music therapy. Teenagers from all walks of life can benefit from this form of therapy in more ways than one. Call 888.291.2309 to speak with someone from Imagine Fort Collins about our music therapy program in Colorado.

What Is Music Therapy?

As its name indicates, music therapy is a type of music-based mental health treatment. In this setting, music plays a clinical rather than a strictly entertainment-based role. In other words, it’s used to help your teen recover from the specific condition affecting them. This help can be provided in the context of activities such as:

  • Listening to songs or longer-form musical works
  • Making songs through composition or improvisation
  • Delving into the meaning of songs
  • Combining music with another form of artistic expression
  • Learning the basics of playing an instrument
  • Singing together with other therapy participants

All sessions are led by therapists trained to use music as a healing tool.

Who Can Benefit from Music Therapy Participation?

Music therapy is used to help teenagers more often than any other age group. That’s true because music plays a vital part in many young people’s lives. But what if your child has a more casual interest in music?

Does the therapy provide any benefits in this kind of situation? The answer to this question is yes. Any teen can benefit from participating in music therapy. The focus of the treatment is not turning your child into a competent musical performer. This may happen. However, music-based therapy aims to support your teenager’s mental health recovery. Even complete novices in the world of music can benefit from this support.

6 Benefits of Music Therapy

Exactly what are the benefits of music therapy for the typical teenager? The list of the top music therapy benefits for this age group includes:

  1. Support for the improvement of a variety of mental health conditions
  2. An improved ability to express buried emotions
  3. A more general improvement in communication skills
  4. Easing of stress levels and the impact of traumatic experiences
  5. General mood improvement
  6. A greater understanding of and control over various emotions

Not everyone does equally well in music therapy. However, most teens receive at least some of the most common benefits.

Other Advantages of Music Therapy

Your teen may also receive other kinds of music therapy benefits. Specific potential advantages include:

  • Increased motivation for mental health recovery in general
  • A greater sense of independence and self-mastery
  • Improvement in the ability to listen to others

Music therapy has another significant benefit. Namely, it does not conflict with primary treatment options such as psychotherapy or medication. In fact, proper use of music therapy can potentially enhance your child’s overall treatment outcomes.

Experience Music Therapy Benefits in Colorado at Imagine Fort Collins

Who can benefit from music therapy? Most teenagers enrolled in mental health treatment. Want to know more about how this form of therapy works? Talk to the knowledgeable staff at Imagine Fort Collins. We can also provide you with more details on any given benefit of the therapy. Imagine Fort Collins features a robust music therapy program for teens. We use this therapy daily to support effective recovery from a wide range of severe mental health issues. To learn more, just contact Imagine Fort Collins today at 888.291.2309. We’re also available through our online message form.