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Individual Therapy

People in an individual therapy programPsychotherapy in formal treatment will undoubtedly help your teenager recover from mental health issues. This therapy sometimes takes place in group sessions that include other teens. It can also take place in the one-on-one setting of individual therapy. Individual therapy fosters key treatment results that are difficult to achieve through group therapy. For this reason, it serves as a significant recovery resource for many adolescents.

At Imagine Fort Collins, we’re dedicated to helping teenagers thrive and renew their mental well-being. Every day, we rely on individual therapy options as crucial components of our personalized recovery plans. That’s just one reason why Imagine leads the way in quality, innovative teen mental health treatment programs. Call 888.291.2309 to learn more about how Imagine Fort Collins can help your teen improve their mental health.

The Basics of a Teen Individual Therapy Program

As its name suggests, individual therapy focuses on the needs of a specific person in mental health recovery. It does not make use of just a single form of psychotherapy. Instead, it takes a variety of effective therapies and applies them in a one-on-one format.

The only two participants in individual therapy sessions are your teen and their therapist. The first session will help your child become familiar and comfortable with the treatment setting. It also gives the therapist a chance to do such important things as:

  • Explain how the therapy process works
  • Set a starting point for treatment
  • Establish a healthy, working bond with your child

In the following sessions, the therapist will help your teen identify and clarify the mental health concerns affecting them. Time is then devoted to working through these concerns and helping your child improve and feel better. The number of sessions required to achieve positive results varies from person to person.

Common Areas of Focus in Individual Therapy for Teens

No two teenagers are dealing with the same kinds of mental health issues. That’s true even for adolescents affected by the same form of illness. However, particular focus areas are common in individual therapy sessions for teenagers. Those areas include:

  • The specific effects of a given mental illness
  • Habitual behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that help sustain that illness
  • Conflicts with you, your spouse, or other adults
  • Strife between your child and a sibling or another teenager
  • Poor communication skills
  • Lack of effective problem-solving skills

Therapy may also focus on issues unique to your child.

How Individual Therapy Can Help Your Child

Individual therapy programs have known benefits for teenagers receiving mental health care. A key advantage is the undivided focus given to your child. This focus provides the time to explore critical issues in depth. It also gives the therapist time to get to know your teen. The result is a supportive environment for detailed feedback and guidance.

The in-depth approach of individual therapy for teens also has other advantages. Crucially, it provides the support needed to ease the specific effects of mental illness. That’s true even for severe or complex symptoms. Individual therapy can also help your child overcome complicated secondary issues that help keep their mental health concerns active.

Find a Teen Individual Therapy Program in Colorado at Imagine Fort Collins

An individual therapy program is often an essential recovery resource. Want to know more about this kind of program? Turn to the professionals at Imagine Fort Collins. With our expert help, you can get the necessary advice and information.

Imagine specializes in teen mental health care. This tight focus helps us maximize the treatment benefits available to your child. We feature customized, individual therapy. In addition, we provide a full range of other essential services. Contact Imagine Fort Collins today at 888.291.2309 to get started. You can also complete our online contact form.