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Grief and Loss Therapy

Grief and loss are very much a part of life. For adolescents experiencing such sadness for the first time, their reaction to losing a family member or cherished pet may be unhealthy or worse, harmful to themselves and others. This is where a grief and loss therapy program comes in. Our compassionate, skilled team are experts in teen grief counseling. They are standing by, ready to help your teenager understand, cope and get past this emotionally challenging time in their young life. Contact us online or call us 888.291.2309 today to learn about the teen mental health treatment programs available at Imagine Fort Collins and which one may be best suited for your teen.

grief and loss therapy program

The Importance of Teen Grief Counseling

Has someone close to your teenager passed away, or are they currently experiencing a significant loss like the death of a beloved family pet or a major change such as a parent’s divorce that has unsettled their existence?

Tragic loss and dramatic change can cause a teenager a world of hurt, confusion, and pain. Without the life skills to properly respond to and process such grief, they may become:

  • Irritable
  • Easily triggered
  • Risky in their behaviors
  • Angry at everyone and everything
  • Isolated
  • Unable to sleep (or sleep too much)

Watching your child suffer in these ways can make parents or other concerned adults feel helpless. It’s painful to watch one sad and tragic thing torment a young person and create a ripple of negativity. During our grief counseling, Colorado teenagers will have the opportunity to share, open up, trust, and learn how to handle their grief, loss, and sadness healthily. Our goal is the same as yours, to help your child learn and grow, heal and move forward as a healthy, happy young adult.

Getting Help In A Grief and Loss Therapy Program

No matter your age, suffering a loss and grieving can be difficult. It is especially challenging during the teenage years. This is because teenagers are already struggling to find and define themselves in the greater world, stake a claim to their identity, navigate school and work life, and balance the hormonal changes that can make every day a minefield emotionally. Adding in the need to understand and process a significant loss with a still-developing brain is almost unfair. Our grief and loss therapy program balance the scales, giving your teen the tools they will need to overcome their grief while accepting change, understanding loss, and reacting to the new normal of their life in healthy ways that will not put themselves or their loved ones in harm’s way.

Our highly trained, experienced, and compassionate therapists work with teenagers every day to help them handle and respond to the grief and loss they are experiencing. We can also help your adolescent understand, process, and heal from loss through teen grief counseling. Our grief and loss therapy program provides your child with the safe, secure and comfortable space they need and deserve to talk about their loss, including delicate and emotional details such as:

  • What they miss most about the person or pet
  • Their fears about the changes happening in their lives
  • Uncertainties over what comes next
  • The painful emotions, feelings, and thoughts brought on by the loss

Moving on from the pain derived from loss is essential to healing and living life. A grief and loss therapy program will not fast-forward your teen through their hurt or attempt to mask it. Instead, our teen grief counseling will teach them healthy ways to process their grief and move forward.

Colorado teens will work with a therapist who has years of experience in teen grief counseling during grief counseling. They will help your child lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow by focusing on their emotional health ability to cope and handle emotional triggers in the future. With the help of a grief and loss therapy program, your teen can not only experience much-needed emotional relief after their loss but also use their experience to become a healthier, happier, and more emotionally mature adult. We are not only treating a teen today but helping to heal future adults who will undoubtedly suffer more loss and grief throughout a life well-lived.

Learn More Today

Our teen grief counselors at Imagine Fort Collins are ready to help your teen heal and recover from their loss. Don’t hesitate to call us 888.291.2309 or contact our team online today to learn more about how teen mental health treatment programs can assist.